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Why Women Over 40 Have a Hard Time Finding Love

I get it. It isn’t easy to find someone after you’ve seemingly passed your ‘prime.’ The media we gorge ourselves on spends countless hours drilling into our heads that if you’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, and not young enough, then you’re simply not good enough.

But that’s not true.

Here are some lies that women over 40 tell themselves, and how you can work to overcome them.

1. My Standards Are Too High

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want in a person, but there’s a difference between having standards that are too high and standards that are just plain wrong.

Let me explain.

How many times have you gone into a date, sat down at a table, and judged the person in front of you solely on something superficial like wearing the wrong kinds of clothing?

“That shirt with those shorts?”

If you answered, “Never!” with absolute certainty and truth, then congrats! Skip to the next one.

If you answered, “Well…maybe a few times…” with an embarrassed set to your shoulders, Y’all gotta do some rethinking.

Bad fashion sense is not a reason to automatically reject a potential date. Nor is a bad haircut. Some people just legitimately do not know what they look right in, or what hairstyle would suit them. Those things can be experimented with and corrected.

However, bear in mind that some superficial things might hint at deeper issues. If they show up with dirty or unbrushed hair, then they didn’t care enough about the date to make themselves look good, which is obviously a red flag.

The trick is to know which things are harmless and which things…are not.

2. All the Good Ones Are Taken

This is just utterly ridiculous. That’s like saying that there’s no more good fish in the ocean since they’ve all been fished up!

Well. Not the same, but you get what I mean.

Consider that some potential significant others are just getting over a bad relationship they had in the past. Consider that some possible s/o’s are divorcing their partners because of one reason or another. Consider that there’s somebody in the same position as you, yearning for love but not looking for it because they think all the good ones are taken.

Are you a good one? The answer is yes.

Are you taken? The answer is no.

Go out and find that person with the same line of thinking as you recently had and showed them the light!

3. I Already Had My Shot

This is a common thought had by widows and other people that have had their hearts broken by the one they once loved leaving their lives for one reason or another. They think that since they found and lost the love of their lives that nobody else could compete.


Loving somebody isn’t an instant thing. You learn to love someone. I can guarantee you that nobody you meet will instantly spark that same sense of rightness as the person you left, but they might if you let them try to.

Find Your Match!

There. Three common misconceptions that people tell themselves to make them feel better about not getting up off the couch and finding somebody to make them happy. Now, you can learn to improve how you look and feel. Learn more about it at Old School New Body Review’s website.

You’ve had your words thrown back in your face. If you’ve ever said these words to yourself in a bid to not bother even trying to look for someone to fill that void in your life, well…

What’s your excuse now?


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